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I had no idea that I could earn money while I travel and also help someone out in need. I Will definitely be using Ship-Pal for all my travels

Kenny Miller, Teacher

How it works?

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For Shoppers


Shoppers can get access to products from around the globe, with the help of travelers and in return, the shopper pays the traveler an incentive.

  1. Make a product request.

  2. Wait for a confirmation from Ship-Pal.

  3. Order product at Travelers location.

  4. Meet with traveler and receive product.

For more information please visit our FAQs


For Travelers


Travelers can help shoppers get access to products from places where they are travelling in exchange for a incentive from the shopper.

  1. Upload trip details.

  2. Get notified about product request that can be fulfilled.

  3. Accept request and carry product.

  4. Meet with shopper and deliver.

For more information please visit our FAQs

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