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Trip - Helsinki To Kolkata

Travel Date - 02 December 2021

Luggage available - 20 Kg

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Fabric Patterns

Order - India to Sweden

Item - Clothes

Estimated weight - 2 Kg

How it works?



Shoppers can get access to products from around the globe, with the help of travelers and in return, the shopper pays the traveler an incentive.

  1. Make a product request.

  2. Wait for a confirmation from Ship-Pal.

  3. Order product at Travelers location or request traveler to buy or handover product to traveler (recommended only for documents).

  4. Meet with traveler and receive product.

For more information please visit our FAQs



Travelers can help shoppers get access to products from places where they are travelling in exchange for a incentive from the shopper.

  1. Upload trip details.

  2. Get notified about product request that can be fulfilled.

  3. Accept request and carry product.

  4. Meet with shopper and deliver.

For more information please visit our FAQs

How safe is Ship-pal?

Whenever we get a shopping request, the request is analysed thoroughly and only when we are sure that the request is 100% genuine then only the shopping request is shared with the traveler and we only allow products which can be ordered online so that the traveler has full idea what the item is and the traveler is carrying no illegal  products.


What are people saying about us?

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Saved more than half of what I was going to pay for courier...

I wanted to send some important documents to India immediately and I was about to send it using an established courier service but then I got to know about Ship-Pal and put a request on their platform. The experience was amazing. I saved more than half of what I was going to pay for courier and my documents also reached on time.

Pratap Panwar, Business analyst

On an average a traveler earns around €10 per kg of the luggage space that the traveler offers to help carry a shopper's item.

On an average a shopper can save from €10 to €100 depending on the type of product ordered.