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Ship-pal? Can I really earn some money? Is it safe?

Do you love traveling? I mean who doesn't right? But traveling is often not so pocket friendly and can restrict you due to the expenses that occur during travel. What if there was a way where you could travel and while doing so, also make some extra money along the way? Sounds too good to be true right?

With Ship-Pal this is now possible and very easy. Using this service you can easily help out someone to get some products and in return you will be compensated for your effort. This can be really great to cover some of you travel expenses. and maybe in some cases almost cover your whole travel fare.

You could be traveling to any part of the world, all you need to do is let us know and Ship-Pal will make sure you get a good reward in case you help a shopper.

But first, what is Ship-Pal ?

Ship-Pal is a crowd-shipping platform which connects shoppers and travellers around the world.

Whenever a shopper is looking for something from another country they can create an order request in Ship-Pal. Also simultaneously Ship-Pal has travellers who are traveling around the world and have space in their luggage to carry products. Hence a perfect match..!! The shopper gets their products and the traveler gets compensated for getting the product to the traveler.

All the traveler needs to do is login to and add trip details as a Traveler. The traveler also needs to mention how much free space he/she has in his/her luggage and then wait for Ship-Pal to contact them regarding what kind of products they would need to buy.

Once the traveler confirms that they buy the product, Ship-Pal connect them to the Shopper, and here they can discuss the incentive and also how the shopper can pick up the products from the traveler.

As a traveler on Ship-Pal you can make from 10-100€ per trip. And this can go a long way in easing your travel expenses like paying the cab fare or the hotel fare etc. And also it is very easy and user friendly. Sign up is easy and can also be done via Google and Facebook or else your email. With a few clicks the traveler can add the trip details and then wait for Ship-Pal to work its magic.

Is Ship-Pal safe for travellers?

Ship-Pal understands that travellers would not like their trip to be in risk just to earn a few extra bucks and so Ship-Pal takes extra precaution and safety to ensure that the process is as safe as possible.

First, Shoppers can only order products to travellers location via a web-shop or online. This ensures that the goods received by the traveler are not tampered with. The traveler can also purchase the product for the shopper and hence get compensated in total, when they deliver the product.

The traveler can usually ask for the payment to be done when handing over the product to the shopper and hence he/she is guaranteed the incentive.

Also it is the duty of the shopper to come and pick the products from the place convenient for the traveler and hence the traveler can decide the date and place of his/her convenience.

Also if any customs needs to be paid, those will be borne by the shopper.

In case shopper seems suspicious then that user will be removed from Ship-Pal and their account will be suspended.

So next time you are traveling, do visit and make your trip costs cheaper.

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